27 87 is a line of progressive, inquisitive perfumes. Because there is no scent like the present.
27 87 redefines luxury in the simplest terms: They invest in unique, top-quality ingredients, meticulous research, and expert traditional craftsmanship by local Barcelona artisans to create perfumes that are long-lasting, blended to evolve over time, and always a bit unforeseen.


27 87 co-creates, rather than dictates, the here and now. No memory, no past: This is a line
of progressive, inquisitive perfumes that are canvas and complement to authentic experience.

27 87 carries four lines, each reflective of a distinct state of mind:

Scents to accompany and accentuate the day-to-day — versatile and present.
Scents for statement occasions — courageous and potent.
Scents for exploration and faraway places — daring and spirited.
Scents to integrate stillness and presence — grounding and re-inventing.


Behind the brand

Based in Barcelona, Romy Kowalewski founded 27 87 in 2016 with the clear intention of creating perfumes that enhance an individual’s personal, immediate reality. Rather than directing olfactory experience through artificial story, Romy, a go-getter and passionate re-inventor, partners with the world’s finest noses to create perfumes as progressive and inquisitive as the here and now. Romy named her company after her own birthday and year — 27 87 — further symbolizing her drive to honor the singularity of each individual.

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