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All of our perfumes are carefully formulated in Paris in order to ensure sophisticated individual fragrances whilst maintaining the perfect environment for fragrance layering. They are selected from all olfactive groups to cover the whole spectrum of scents. Layering fragrances may sound complicated, but it is simple. It is all about balance and personal preference. / N.C.P.


Its very simple really. People are complex. Even on a daily basis we can have a number of different moods, different situations, even different locations. We were challenged by the idea of the fact that we can change our clothes, our makeup our hair even our skin routines to accommodate all of our own unique situations so why shouldn´t we do the same with our fragrance?

We felt a need to disrupt the fragrance world and the rather conservative and tradition way the fragrance world has historically operated.

It comes back to the fact that we all have our favourite signature fragrance, the that´s me signature scent and we tend to stick with it. So we needed to create unique stand alone signature scents that can be easily personalised to keep the user in the NOW.

Through using knowledge and science, by keeping our ingredient lists short and relying on all of the members of the Olfactive family we set about creating the ultimate layering concept, make it understandable and empowering.

All of our eau de parfum's are unique, stand alone signature scents which blend smoothly in any combination to follow however you feel, where ever you are.

To help us, only the best French Perfumers in the world would do…so we went to Paris in order to collaborate with the worlds leading perfume house, responsible for some of the most successful and prestigious fragrances.

Din bestilling er først bindende, når vi har bekræftet din ordre. Bemærk venligst, at varer i kurven ikke er reserveret og kan blive udsolgt!